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In researching Deep Water, we made extensive use of archival sources. These included Notarial Archives, municipal archives and the State Archives in Louisiana; National Archives facilities in Washington, D.C., New York and Fort Worth; the Louisiana Historical Society Archives; the Williams Research Center library; and Pinkerton National Detective Agency archives held by the United States Library of Congress, Court documents, land transfer records and business correspondence were also used.

Louisiana historians, including Joseph Maselli of the American-Italian Renaissance Foundation, Doug Casey and Fernando Cuquet, contributed their knowledge and resources to the work, along with descendants of the Macheca clan who have spent many years researching their family history. A number of unpublished articles, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations were also accessed. Hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles were carefully considered, as were published materials on Louisiana history, New York history, the War Between the States, and the history of organized crime in Sicily and the United States.

A partial list of sources (excluding government documents, and books and articles used in a minor way) follows:


  • Asbury, Herbert, The French Quarter: An Informal History of New Orleans... (Garden City, NY: Garden City Publishing Co., Inc., 1938).
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Articles - General

  • Buel, Clarence Clough, "The Degradation of a State; Or, The Charitable Career of the Louisiana Lottery," Century Magazine, February, 1892.
  • Casey, Doug, “The Sicilian Feud” (unpublished).
  • Cuquet, Fernando J., "The Boston Club Massacre" (unpublished).
  • Duke, Thomas S., “The Murder of Police Chief Hennessy,” Celebrated Criminal Cases of America, p. 444-446 (San Francisco: James M. Barry Co., 1910).
  • Park, George, “Lynching: Now it Can Be Told,” letter, Truth Magazine, Nov. 9, 1936.
  • Smalley, Eugene V., "The New Orleans Exposition," The Century Magazine, Vol. XXX, No. 1, May, 1885. p. 3-14.

Articles - Louisiana Historical Quarterly Archives

  • Coxe, John E., "The New Orleans Mafia Incident," Vol. 20, No. 4, 1937.
  • Dabney, Thomas Ewing, “The Butler Regime in Louisiana,” Vol. 27, No. 2, 1944.
  • Greer, James Kimmins, “Louisiana Politics, 1845-1861,” Vol. 12, No. 4 and Vol. 13, No. 1, 1929-1930.
  • Hennessey, Melinda Meek, "Race and Violence in Reconstruction New Orleans: The 1868 Riot," Vol. 20 , 1979.
  • Karlin, J. Alexander, "New Orleans Lynchings of 1891 and the American Press," Vol. 24, No. 1, 1941.
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  • Kendall, John S., "Who Killa De Chief," Vol. 22, No. 2, 1939.
  • Kurtz, Michael L., "Organized Crime in Louisiana History: Myth and Reality," Fall 1983.
  • Lestage, H. Oscar, "The White League in Louisiana and its Participation in Reconstruction Riots," Vol. 18, No. 3, 1935.
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  • Renshaw, Henry, “A Sketch of the Life and Career of Pierre SoulĂ©,” Vol. 2, No. 3, 1900.
  • Zacharie, James S., "New Orleans - Its Old Streets and Places," Vol. 2, No. 3, 1900.

Articles - Newspapers

Newspaper coverage from the New Orleans Daily Picayune (1869-1895), the New Orleans Times-Democrat (1869-1891), the New York Times (1862-1894) and the Atlanta Constitution (1868-1914). Additional articles were drawn from the following Louisiana newspapers: the Item, the States, the Bee, the Crescent and the Bulletin from New Orleans; and the Lafayette Advertiser.

Additional Sources

  • Adams, Margaret, “Mafia Riots in New Orleans,” thesis, Tulane University, 1924.
  • Baiamonte, John, “The Myth of the Mafia in Louisiana,” Southeastern Louisiana University oral history tape, Italian Century Week, Oct. 22, 1982.
  • Botein, Barbara, "The Hennessy Case: An Episode in American Nativism, 1890," Doctoral dissertation, New York University, 1975.
  • Carroll, Ralph Edward Jr., "The Mafia in New Orleans, 1900-1907," Master's thesis, Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, La., June 1956.
  • Hennessey, Melinda Meek, "To Live and Die in Dixie: Reconstruction Race Riots in the South." Doctoral dissertation, Kent State University, 1978. 

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