Saturday, February 10, 2007

About the Authors

Fascinated with organized crime since childhood, Thomas Hunt publishes the American Mafia history website (, and the Mob-News current events blog. He also edits the Organized Crime category of the Internet’s Open Directory Project and regularly contributes articles to the On the Spot quarterly historical journal of crime and law enforcement history. He is a veteran journalist and a member of the Louisiana Historical Society, the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society and the New Milford CT Historical Society. Born in the Bronx, NY, he lives in New Milford, CT, with his wife and their three children. (In spring of 2012, he and his family relocated to central Vermont.)

A descendant of the Macheca line, Martha Sheldon is an authority on her family history. Discovering and telling J.P.'s life story has been her obsession since first learning "the family secret" over a decade ago. She has assembled a network of Machecas determined to unearth long-buried family truths. A graduate of Washington University, she has worked at interior design and television commercial production. She has also served in volunteer management roles with St. Louis Mo. area medical centers. She lives with her daughter in St. Louis.